How I'm Voting in the 2011 Primary

My votes and why in the 2011 Primary in Philadelphia.

GNU Screen Tips

Tips and tricks for GNU Screen.

Bash script for batch m4a to mp3 conversion

Short script for converting m4a music files to mp3 files.

Code4Lib 2010

Notes from the Code4Lib 2010 conference in Asheville, NC.

Decentralized Energy

Hit the nail on the head he did.

Free Software and Kittehs

Is there a connection?

Access 2009

Access, Canada's premier library technology conference. This year in Charlottetown, PEI.

A bit about Linked Open Data

Some notes for a basic talk on Linked Open Data.

Debian on the ideapad S10e

The central depository for my trials with Debian on the ideapad S10e.

A couple of thoughts on Wolfram Alpha

A quick outlet for my initial reaction to some of the buzz.

How I do backups

Notes on my setup for handling backups of my servers.

Carl Malamud for head of the GPO

I support Carl Malamud's bid for the head of the Government Printing Office.

Code4Lib 2009

Notes from the Code4Lib 2009 conference in Providence, RI.

New England Code4Lib

Notes from the December 9th, 2008 meeting of New England Code4Lib in Boston.

Installing Debian from a USB key

How I installed Debian (amd64, in this case) from a USB key.

Mail setup

My mail setup for IMAP and SMTP on a client machine.

Guido on importing in Python

A snippet from django-developers in which Guido van Rossum mentions his preferred import style.

Transferring files between Debian and a Nokia 6555 cell phone

A short howto describing the way I figured out how to move files via bluetooth between my Nokia 6555 cell phone and my Thinkpad X31 running Debian GNU/Linux.

My Django and WSGI Setup

A description of the setup I use for Django and WSGI.

Solr init script

An init script to start up, stop, and restart Solr.

Autocomplete and history in the Python interpreter

Souping up the Python interpreter with .pystartup.

Wrapper Class for Paramiko

A wrapper I wrote for paramiko to make things just a little easier.

Code4lib Conference 2008 Report

Report back on code4libcon2008.

Kobold Chieftain Talk

Kobold Chieftain lightning talk.

Single Transferable Vote

Some ramblings on STV and project ideas.

Conversation with father

The 'Daddy, are you a terrorist?' poster.

Single-pass multiple replace

Replace multiple patterns in a single pass with Python.

Mirroring a Google Code Subversion Repository for Trac

Notes on the mirroring of a Google Code Subversion repository to another server so I can run Trac on it.

Releasing the Law to the Public

A note about Public.Resource.Org's press release about the to-be-released free archive of federal case law.

WoW and SL

A little comparison of World of Warcraft and Second Life.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Edits

In the reflection of the hoi polloi -- Wikipedia and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Access 2007

Access, Canada's premier library technology conference. This year in Victoria, B.C.

Koha Demo

Notes from Koha Demo at Jenkins Law.

XML in Python

A few notes on XML in Python.

Quick Commenting of Blocks in Vim

How to comment and uncomment blocks in Vim.

SRW installation on the DSpace server

Record of steps for installation of OCLC's SRW/U Server on Drexel's DSpace machine.

  • keywords: SRW, SRU, DSpace
  • created 2007-01-19
  • last modified 2010-09-13

DSpace in SVN

My use of SVN to handle updates and patches to DSpace.

Debian -- Missing Public Keys

A couple of notes on grabbing keys when Debian's debian-archive-keyring is missing them.

Access, Day Two

Notes from Day 2 of the Access 2006 conference.

At Access

In the morning, day one of Access 2006, in a large room with a lot of tables and chairs.

Installing Debian on the Thinkpad X31

Installing Debian (testing) on my Thinkpad x31.

Hype, for searching with Python

A quick account of my impressions of Hype, a Python wrapper API for the Hyper Estraier full-text search system.

Keep Your Stuff Safe

The odd trash we hold onto.

Printer setup

HP DeskJet 400 attached via parallel port to an IBM Thinkpad X31 running Debian GNU/Linux and CUPS.

Kernel compile

Notes on the latest kernel compile.

Dude, Where's my Briefcase?

Robots and their luggage.

Kucinich at AMI

Notes from watching the video of Kucinich and Kelley at the American Monetary Institute's Monetary Reform Conference.

Debian on the Thinkpad X31

The central repository for my trials with Debian on the Thinkpad X31.

About this site

Why this site exists, and its internal workings.

  • keywords: tech
  • created 2006-04-17
  • last modified 2010-09-13

About me

Metadata for yours truly.

Freshly shorn

Did you see the drummer's hair?

Smock smock smock

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes.

Changing the mouse cursor in X (xfce) with update-alternatives

The way I got the mouse cursor changed to how I want it in what I believe is a non-fragile way that works in xfce.

xhtml done right?

My working Apache configuration for serving application/xhtml+xml to Firefox and text/html to IE.